Managing Users and Groups

To add users or groups to your system, you can use the Users And Groups application located in Applications->System->Users and Groups.


You will need super-user privileges to launch the Users and Groups tool. See the section called “Root And Sudo”.

To add a new user, click on Add user, fill-in the data fields then click OK. To edit the properties of each user, click the Properties button located in the main Users window.

To add a new group, select the Groups tab and click Add group. Choose a name for the new group and, if you want, change the default value for the Group ID. If you try to allocate a Group ID that is in use, the system will warn you.

You can add users to the newly created group by selecting a user from the left menu and clicking on the Add button. Removing a user is as simple as adding one: select a user from the right menu then click Remove. When you are ready, click OK and the new group with its users, if inserted, will be created.

To edit the properties of a group, from within the Groups main window, choose a group name and click on the Properties button.

To remove a user or a group from the system, select the user or group you want to delete and click Delete.