Playing and Extracting Audio CDs

When you insert an audio CD, the Sound Juicer CD player and ripper opens automatically. To play the CD, click the Play button or press Ctrl-P. To play a particular track, double-click on the track or select the track and click Play.

To extract (rip) your audio CD, make sure the tracks that you want to rip are selected, then click the Extract button or press Ctrl-Enter.


If you are connected to the internet, Sound Juicer will retrieve the CD artist, title, and track data from, a community-maintained database of over 360,000 albums.

To start Sound Juicer manually, choose Applications->Sound & Video->Sound Juicer CD Extractor.

You can use the preferences window to control where the extracted audio files are stored on your computer, the filename of extracted audio files, and the file format and codec used for the files. In the main window, choose Edit->Preferences.

Sound Juicer can extract audio files to these formats:

You can also extract CD audio files to the proprietary non-free MP3 format. Instructions on how to rip to the MP3 format are in the help for Sound Juicer. Choose Help->Contents and navigate to the Preferences section.