Burning CDs

When you put a blank CD in the drive Ubuntu will ask if you want to burn an audio or data CD. Clicking on Burn Audio CD will launch Serpentine . To add music to your audio CD, either drag music from your File Browser or use the Add button. You will also need to select the size of your CD (21, 74, 80 or 90 minutes). Serpentine will warn you if you exceed the set limit.

To make a photo or data CD, click Burn Data CD. Ubuntu will open a CD/DVD Creator window. The CD Creator is built into the File Browser, and it allows you to add any file or folder you have permission to access. When you are ready to burn the CD, click Write to Disc. Ubuntu will then prompt you to select the drive containing the blank CD, and give you the opportunity to name the CD and select the write speed. Finally, click Write to create the new photo or data CD.