Backing Up DVDs

You can back up your DVDs to files or onto DVD+/- discs with DVD::RIP. To install DVD::RIP:


Before backing up a DVD, you must ensure that you are legally permitted to make copies of it.

  1. Install the Multimedia Codecs (see the section called “Multimedia Codecs”).

  2. Enable DVD video playback (see the section called “DVD Playback”).

  3. Install dvdrip and transcode from the “Multiverse” repository (see Chapter 3, Adding, Removing and Updating Applications).

  4. You can run the program using the command dvdrip (see the run application manual for help on how to run an application without using the menu). If you wish, you can add a menu entry for the program dvdrip (see the menu editor manual for help on how to add menu entries). We recommend you enter it in the Sound & Video menu, and that you use the file /usr/share/perl5/Video/DVDRip/icon.xpm for the icon.

  5. To start dvd::rip, choose Applications->Sound & Video->dvd::rip.