Evolution Mail

The Evolution groupware suite can handle all your email, contact lists, tasks and calendar needs. It also can act as a newsreader and also integrates with the Gnome panel clock, giving you one-click access to your task list.

Evolution can be launched by clicking Applications->Internet->Evolution Mail from the desktop menu system.

If you have Evolution installed, you can find a guide to using it in the internet section of this help.

Alternative Email Clients

You can also use Mozilla Thunderbird for email. To install it, install the mozilla-thunderbird package (see Chapter 3, Adding, Removing and Updating Applications).

To start Thunderbird, choose Applications->Internet->Thunderbird Mail Client.

To change your preferred email client to Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Choose System->Preferences->Preferred Applications

  2. Click on the Mail Reader tab, and select the Custom option.

  3. In the Command text box, type mozilla-thunderbird %s, then close the dialog.