Add/Remove Applications

With the Add/Remove… item in the Applications menu, you can install programs to do new things with Ubuntu. You can also remove programs you don’t want. You need administrative access to use Add/Remove Programs.

If you know the name of a program you want to install, enter it in the Search field. Otherwise, begin by choosing a software category on the left.

Programs that are already installed begin with a check mark next to their name. Uncheck a program if you want to remove it from your computer.

When you click Apply or OK, any new software will be downloaded from the Internet, and Ubuntu will make the changes you selected. If you have not activated the online package archive, you may be asked to insert your Ubuntu CD-ROM to install some packages.

Some software cannot be installed or removed using Add/Remove Applications. If you cannot find the package you are looking for, click Advanced to open Synaptic.