Playing and Organising Music Files

To play and organize your music, Ubuntu comes with Rhythmbox Music Player, which looks similar to iTunes. When you first start Rhythmbox, it will scan your home directory for any supported music files you have and add it to the database. To start Rhythmbox, choose Applications->Sound & Video->Rhythmbox Music Player .

Ubuntu does not directly support the MP3 format, because it is restricted by patents and proprietary rights. Instead Ubuntu supports the Ogg Vorbis format out of the box, a completely free, open and non-patented format. Ogg Vorbis files also sound better then MP3 files of the same file size and are supported by many portable music players.

You can still play your old MP3 files by installing MP3 support (see the section called “Multimedia Codecs”). Instructions for other formats, such as Windows Media Audio (wma/wmv) and other patent-encumbered formats can be found on the Ubuntu Wiki.

The Cowbell ID3 tag editor can edit the metadata on your mp3 and other music files. To use Cowbell:

  1. Install the cowbell package from the “Universe” repository (see Chapter 3, Adding, Removing and Updating Applications);

  2. To run Cowbell, choose Applications->Sound & Video->Cowbell Music Organizer.