1. Wallpaper
  2. Desktop Themes
  3. Changing Login Window (GDM) Themes
  4. Changing the Gnome Splash Screen
  5. Changing Mouse Cursor Themes
  6. Getting Regular Art Updates
    1. Ubuntu Calendar
    2. Gnome Art Manager
  7. Ubuntu Eyecandy Pages
  8. Other Theme & Eyecandy Resources

There are many ways to customize Ubuntu to look cooler.

If you've got any cool additions, add any fairly short items to this page, and add longer items to their own pages with links from here.


To change wallpaper, right-click on your desktop and choose Change Desktop Background. Pick a wallpaper from the list or choose the Add Wallpaper button to add an image file to the list.


Use the Desktop Colors selector to change the background behind translucent or semi-transparent images - this works very well with SVG graphics.

Desktop Themes

Ubuntu has many themes, and many more can be downloaded from websites. To change themes:


Drag downloaded theme files onto the Theme Manager to make them appear in the list.

Themes can have:

Most themes include all of these items, some have only one - you can find those by clicking the Customize or Theme Details button. Here you can also mix and match elements from different themes.

Changing Login Window (GDM) Themes


The login window is also sometimes called 'Gnome Desktop Manager (GDM)'.

In Ubuntu 7.04 Development Version:

In Ubuntu 6.06:

To install new login screen themes, save the .tar.gz with your theme on it to your Desktop. In the Login Screen program, press the Install New Theme button, find your new theme's file, and press the Install button.

Then simply select the new theme from the list of available themes. You can also set it up to pick a random theme on every boot, rather than picking just one theme.

Changing the Gnome Splash Screen

Ubuntu 6.06:

Changing Mouse Cursor Themes

Ubuntu 6.06:

Getting Regular Art Updates

Ubuntu Calendar

The Ubuntu Calendar is a regularly updated package containing this month's Ubuntu-themed desktop wallpaper. Just install ubuntu-calendar - see Installing Software, then click System → Preferences → Desktop Background. You'll find 'Ubuntu Monthly Calendar' and 'Ubuntu Monthly Calendar Widescreen' added to the list.

Gnome Art Manager

Gnome Art provides an easy way to fetch backgrounds, themes, login screen art, and more from art.gnome.org. Just install gnome-art. See Installing Software, and click System → Preferences → Art Manager.

Use the Art menu to select the category you wish to view.

Ubuntu Eyecandy Pages

Other Theme & Eyecandy Resources


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